Choose the amount and the coverage that suit you

Amount to pay
CHF 3 485.-
CHF 4 600.-
CHF 5 715.-
CHF 6 770.-
CHF 7 790.-
CHF 8 840.-
CHF 9 840.-
CHF 10 840.-
CHF 11 840.-
CHF 12 840.-
CHF 13 840.-
CHF 14 840.-
CHF 15 840.-
Optional + CHF 1285.- supplement for repatriation* in the event of death due to illness
CHF 4 285.-
CHF 5 400.-
CHF 6 515.-
CHF 7 570.-
CHF 8 590.-
CHF 9 640.-
CHF 10 640.-
CHF 11 640.-
CHF 12 640.-
CHF 13 640.-
CHF 14 640.-
CHF 15 640.-
CHF 16 640.-

General terms & conditions and coverage

General provisions

1. Who can subscribe Any person domiciled in Switzerland or Liechtenstein at the time the contract is concluded.

2. Who is eligible All nationalities and religious denominations are admitted without restriction.

3. Age restrictions There is no age limit for subscribing to a SéréVita funeral cover.

4. Successive plans Several plans can be taken out by the same person (at 12-month intervals).

5. Elements of the plan The member is designated in the plan and on the “Funeral Capital” card by their surname, first name, date of birth, place of origin and member number. All guarantees and our full contact details are listed on the back of the card. Duplicates can be issued at a later date on request.

6. Surrender or refund The capital cannot be surrendered; however, in the event of permanent departure from Switzerland/Liechtenstein or in other exceptional cases, a refund is possible. The capital is two-thirds of the capitalised sum plus interest.

Coverage Plan

1. Guaranteed sum and interest The sum available on the day of death is entered on the “Funeral Capital” card. This sum is increased by the value of the interest accrued during the term of the policy (according to the annual index of interest on adult savings of the major Swiss banks).

2. Release of the sum Upon the death of the member, the sum is immediately released upon presentation of a death certificate (or equivalent document); SéréVita SA assumes that the person (natural or legal) designated during the member's lifetime will make the request; however, if an authority were to be substituted, it would take priority

3. Repatriation In the event of death outside Switzerland/Liechtenstein, SéréVita SA will pay the costs of repatriation of the sealed coffin and the return flight, up to a maximum of CHF 8,000. The body may be repatriated to its place of residence (CH/FL), or to the country of origin indicated on the “Funeral Capital” card.

4. Validity of the policy There is no time limit for the validity of the funeral card. Repatriation is only covered if the member's place of residence is in Switzerland/Liechtenstein at the time of death.

5. Prescription If no benefits have been paid out when the member has reached the theoretical age of 105, the capital and the interest accrued shall revert to SéréVita SA.

In the event of a dispute, the French version of the General Terms and Conditions (March 2021) are legally binding.