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Amount to pay
CHF 3 485.-
CHF 4 600.-
CHF 5 715.-
CHF 6 770.-
CHF 7 790.-
CHF 8 840.-
CHF 9 840.-
CHF 10 840.-
CHF 11 840.-
CHF 12 840.-
CHF 13 840.-
CHF 14 840.-
CHF 15 840.-
Optional + CHF 1285.- supplement for repatriation* in the event of death due to illness
CHF 4 285.-
CHF 5 400.-
CHF 6 515.-
CHF 7 570.-
CHF 8 590.-
CHF 9 640.-
CHF 10 640.-
CHF 11 640.-
CHF 12 640.-
CHF 13 640.-
CHF 14 640.-
CHF 15 640.-
CHF 16 640.-

Live, care-free from now on…

The cost of a funeral: an important amount to evaluate

  • The average cost of burial in Switzerland is around CHF 7,000.–

  • The cost of cremation is around CHF 5,300.–

Subscribing to a funeral cover is very simple!

Would you like to relieve your family of the financial costs of your funeral?

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    Choose a capital sum and the coverage plan that suits you in the form below.

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    You will receive a quotation and a payment slip by post.

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    On receipt of your payment, you will receive our contract and your detailed membership card.

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    Give this card to a person of trust or legal entity of your choice.

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About us

SéréVita SA is a Swiss company located in Vevey (Vaud).

Its objective is to offer, to any person residing in Switzerland, a real opportunity to build up capital which will be immediately released on the day of their death in order to cover the expenses related to their funeral.

The sum entrusted to SéréVita SA will let them live with peace of mind, in the certainty that on their death, they will not be placing a heavy burden on their loved ones.

SéréVita SA has specific skills for safely investing the capital and for managing the administration of the policies.

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